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2 years ago

Couples Counseling and Therapy for Different Sex Troubles

Couples Counseling and Therapy for Different Sex Troubles

Welcome to couple counselor where people can resort to sex therapy simply because we want to improve your ability to experience pleasure alone or in pairs, to enrich our ability to give and receive pleasure through senses, body, and skin affections. Our overall objective is to help people to enjoy their sexual lives and that’s why Ms. Hayden provides Counseling for Couples in NY. She investigates and analyzes with the client all the above aspects, and all necessary tests to rule out any physiological causes of sexual difficulty. Ms. Hayden focuses on the relationship between two people; on their strengths and also causing distress, discomfort and dissatisfaction in you and in the relationship. Many couples are seeking help for problems of communication, parenting, intimacy, sexual problems, how to solve problems effectively, and lack of commitment.


Ms. Hayden’s Sexual Enhancement Therapy in NY can prove fruitful to the couples who are seeking support for separation or divorce amicably. For the treatment of couples she use an integrative approach which helped the couple to detect generational influences, unproductive mental processes, and unexpressed feelings. She also help couples increase their positive behavior exchanges, to develop a more respectful and deeper communication, improve their sexuality, parenting skills, and develop problem-solving skills. For more information about Ms. Hayden and experience of work visit our web site You can contact us on 212 - 673 - 5717 to make an appointment for therapy or counseling and you can also reach at Dorothy C. Hayden, LCSW 209 E. 10th St. Apt. 14 NYC, NY.